Super 8 Film Kit

The Super 8 Film Kit is a modern experience for shooting analog movie film, made from the same 35mm motion picture film used to create theatrical features, music videos, commercials, TV shows and more. The Super 8 Film Kit includes one 50-foot cartridge of Super 8 film, a prepaid mailing envelope to send the film back to the lab for processing, professional scanning of the film to a digital file, email delivery of the file for viewing and sharing, and the analog reel for long-term future access. Enhance your movie making experience by visiting the enhancement page to add titles, end credits, music and more.

Color – Hi-resolution color negative film best used in bright interiors or in average daylight (200 ASA Tungsten Balanced)

Bright Sun – Hi-resolution color negative film best used in bright out-door conditions such as the beach (50 ASA Daylight Balanced

Low Light –Hi-resolution color negative film best used in low light conditions such as interiors or early evening daylight (500 ASA Tungsten Balanced)

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Rhonda CAM

No digital plug in can replicate the amazing quality or archival value of true film. If you want to achieve the look of film, why not shoot the real thing! The Rhonda CAM is the world’s most personal point-and-shoot Super 8 film camera. Rebuilt to surpass original factory specifications, this American restoration film camera includes a custom skin appearance, shooting at 18fps, petite size, and simplistic features and functions. It’s the perfect Super 8 Film camera for beginners.

Camera Specifications: 

  • Custom skin – choose from 4 different patterns that match your style or classic black
  • 18fps filming speed and singe-frame shooting capabilities
  • Power/Manual Zoom
  • Petite size (7″ x 4 ½” x 1 ¾”)
  • Light weight body, weighing only ½ a pound
  • Auto exposure with a range of ASA
  • Built in Canon 8.5- 25.5mm zoom lens
  • F1.0 auto controlled aperture, making it the lowest light film camera on the market
  • Re-collimated and realigned optics
  • Repaired and re-lubricated mechanics on the body

Rhonda CAM




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